laminate tile flooringMany homeowners are familiar with laminate hardwoods but are unaware that laminate is available in tile form as well. This versatile flooring comes in a variety of tile looks and sizes, allowing local homeowners to get the real stone look for a more affordable price. Here at Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX we offer a wide array of laminate floor tiles for local homes. Read below to learn more about how this tile look-alike could be a great addition to your Jersey Village home.

What is Laminate Tile?

All laminate flooring is made from a fiberboard and resin core, a photographic layer, and a protective topcoat bound together through lamination. Both laminate wood planks and laminate tile squares are made out of the same materials – only their appearance differs. Laminate floor tiles come as squares or non-plank rectangles and emulate real stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile.


With greater technology comes greater laminate flooring. The laminate tiles of today look very similar to real stone tile but for a more affordable price. Different laminate brands will offer different looks, but thanks to high definition printing and texturing technology, nearly any stone or tile look is achievable with laminate floor tiles.

Water Resistance

While a laminate floor holds up better against water and moisture than hardwood, it is not as resistant as real tile or stone. Laminate is made from a wood-based core, making it more susceptible to warping than stone or tile. However, laminate is more stable than hardwood and is a suitable option for basements and kitchens. Its protective top layer will delay damage from spills, but it is still best to clean spills immediately and keep laminate out of bathrooms.


Laminate tile floors are known for being resistant against scratches and dents. This flooring is a good choice for homes with pets or heavy foot traffic. Keep in mind that laminate cannot be refinished over time and will need to be replaced if damaged.

Laminate tile tends to have a lifespan of 15-25 years. In comparison, ceramic or porcelain tile tends to last twice as long, while real stone can last a lifetime. However, laminate tiles make up for their longevity in more ways than one. They are much more comfortable underfoot than stone and tile, they retain heat better, and they are more affordable.


Laminate floors are normally installed by snapping tiles together and can even be installed on a floating basis. The installation for laminate floor tiles is much easier than for real tile or stone, which requires mortar and grout. This makes for a quick and affordable installation process.

Get Started Today

Laminate tile could be the flooring solution you need in your Jersey Village home. Contact Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX today to schedule your free in-home design consultation and learn more about our laminate options. We proudly serve the greater Spring Branch, Spring Valley, Jersey Village areas.


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