walnut hardwood flooring spring valleyWalnut flooring is a timeless classic that could be a perfect addition to your Spring Valley home. Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX offers a wide range of walnut flooring options and can install these floors for you professionally so you can get the most out of your floors.

About Walnut Flooring

Walnut floors are known for being a darker wood with a wide grain. Many homeowners prefer this look for the warmth and sophistication it brings to a room. These floors can come in a variety of natural shades ranging from tan to black, but can also be stained to adjust their look.

Brazilian Walnut

This type of hardwood comes in a few different species, including Brazilian, American, and Asian. As with many hardwoods, the different species will affect the hardness of the wood. Brazilian walnut is one of the toughest hardwoods on the market, with a Janka hardness rating of 3,680. For comparison, the typical red oak has a rating of 1,290. For this reason, Brazilian walnut is a popular choice for wooden decks or high traffic areas in the home.

American Walnut

The American walnut species has a much softer rating of 1,010 and would be far more susceptible to dents and scratches. This is one of the commonly used domestic hardwoods in the home, despite it being damage-prone. A softer Janka rating does lend this species to being more comfortable under foot, and this type of walnut could be a good choice for low-traffic areas in your home since it’s unique look is hard to find in other hardwoods.

Getting Started

The experts at Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX can help you determine which type of walnut is best for you by providing a free, in-home consultation. Walnut is similar to other hardwoods when it comes to installation, and our professionals will take all the precautions necessary to ensure that your new floors are installed without flaw.

Photo Credit: Elena Elisseeva

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