Stair carpeting in Spring Valley, TXCarpeting a stairway is not without risk. The wrong carpet can result in a slick surface that puts people in danger of tripping and falling. The right carpet, however, can provide a safe surface for many years in your home.

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Stair Carpeting: Things to Consider

Carpeting a stairway is typically a good idea. Hardwood, laminate, and other hard surfaces can be especially dangerous in a fall. The right carpeting can both provide traction and a soft landing if a fall should occur. Technically any carpet can be installed on a staircase. If you have beautiful hardwoods on your stairs, you may consider a carpet runner to preserve the look of the wood below. Carpet can also be installed as a full, “wall-to-wall” covering.

While any carpet can be installed on stairs, we would recommend against certain styles. For example, natural fibers such as sea grass and sisal carpeting can become quite slick over time. Shag and other high pile carpets can also create tripping hazards. Any thick pile carpet will be difficult to install and may not result in the clean lines a staircase should have for style and function.

Berber carpet is an excellent covering for stairs. The loop pile provides some traction, and the typically short pile height makes it easy to install and maintain. Berber is also stain resistant and excellent at hiding dirt, which is an added benefit in this difficult-to-clean area. Combined cut-and-loop pile carpet is also a good staircase option. It has many of the same benefits of Berber with a style that appeals to many homeowners in Spring Valley.

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When carpeting stairs, it is recommended that you work with an expert. Finding the right fiber, pile height and style is important to ensure you have a safe floor covering that will last for years to come.

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