jute rug on hardwood Spring ValleyOur homes are always an expression of our values. At Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX, we know that environmentally conscientious people in Spring Valley are searching for those rare carpet flooring materials that look great but won’t leave a lasting negative impact on the natural world. If raw natural beauty, affordability, and eco-friendliness are important to you, jute may be the perfect material for your floors.

What is Jute Carpet?

Second only to cotton in versatility, jute is a type of long, soft plant fiber. People all over the world use jute for food, fuel, and textiles, because it’s affordable, easy to grow, and incredibly strong. India and Bangladesh produce millions of tons of jute each year, and it’s so important to the Bangladeshi economy that it appears on their national emblem.

Jute typically appears in contemporary homes as a neutral brown area rug with a thick weave, though the fiber can be worked into a variety of textures, patterns, shapes, and colors.jute rug floor carpet Spring Valley

What Sets Jute Apart?

You may be aware of other natural carpet materials like sisal and wool, and sometimes people lump all of these fibers together as generic “natural flooring.” The truth is that these materials couldn’t be more different from one another! Each of these fibers is produced and processed with different methods, and their appearance in your home can range from rustic and natural, to refined and upscale.

But what makes jute stand out from all the other awesome eco-friendly fibers? For one thing, producers and consumers alike prize jute for its outstanding affordability. Since the plant can be grown and ready to harvest within 4-6 months – and since rain is the main source of water for the crop – jute is abundant and has a miniscule environmental footprint compared to other materials. Additionally, jute is completely biodegradable and recyclable, so you know that you’re making a smart long-term decision for the planet.

Choose jute if you want an eco-friendly material that also comes with the added benefits of being antistatic, a great insulator, and a trendy natural design element.

Use Jute In Your Home

If you think jute might be the right material for you, give us a call! We proudly serve the greater Spring Branch, Spring Valley, Jersey Village area, and we’d be happy to bring our mobile showroom to your Spring Valley home for a free consultation so that you can see what jute looks and feels like in person. Get started today!

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