Frieze Carpet in Spring Valley, TXActive families in the Spring Valley area will love frieze carpet. Both functional and stylish, frieze is a durable option that can withstand heavy traffic and still look great. At Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX our team has gathered some facts about frieze carpet to help you understand the pros and cons and decide if it might be right for your Spring Valley home.

Benefits of Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet is known for its casual look and is sometimes referred to as “California shag.” It has been growing in popularity in recent years, and is often found in new construction. The fibers on a frieze are twisted seven to nine times per inch versus the typical three to five times per inch on a standard carpet. This causes the carpet fibers to turn back on themselves and gives the floor covering a curled appearance.

This unique construction has many benefits. The carpet hides footprints and vacuum tracks, and the high number of twists makes it more durable than some other options on the market. Frieze often comes in flecked color variations. This helps hide dirt and debris and contributes to the low maintenance, casual style this carpet is known for. Frieze carpet provides natural insulation and will muffle sounds and retain heat throughout your home.

While frieze may not be the best carpeting for formal spaces, it is a perfect option for family rooms, bedrooms, and any other area you like to kick back and relax.

Cost and Maintenance

One of the benefits of frieze carpet is low maintenance. However, there are some things to be aware of when selecting frieze. The fibers can eventually crush under heavy furniture or high traffic areas. Frieze should be vacuumed regularly with a beater bar attachment to loosen any ground in dirt and debris, and occasional deeper cleanings will ensure the carpet stays looking great for years to come. The cost of frieze carpet depends on the fiber and ranges from the low priced synthetic options to the higher priced nylon and wool.

If you are ready to install new carpet in your Spring Branch, Spring Valley, Jersey Village home, reach out to us at Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX. There are many different types of carpet, and we can help you understand the pros and cons of each to find the perfect option for your family.

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