houston hardwood flooringHouston area residents love the look and feel of hardwood flooring. Hardwoods add timeless warmth to any space, and they’re durable—maintain them, and they will last for generations. Here are some tips for ensuring your hardwood floors stand the test of time:

Preventative Maintenance

Before you invest in fancy cleaning products, it’s essential to minimize the need for cleaning in the first place. Most wear on hardwood flooring doesn’t come from accidental drops and spills, but rather from small, sustained wear over time from dust, dirt, and pet dander. We bring these particles, as well as sand and small stones, into our houses from outside, and eventually they can damage the flooring.

Use mats and throw rugs to protect your floors in high-traffic areas. Each entryway should be equipped with a long doormat to give visitors plenty of time to wipe off the bottoms of their shoes. For an even cleaner floor, simply ask guests to remove their shoes upon entry.

If you have pets, be cognizant of where they like to take naps. You can tell where canine and feline family members like to snooze by observing the gradual wear to your floors and baseboards. By purchasing a bed for Fido, you protect your floors and ensure he is a well rested for long games of fetch.


According to the experts, Texans should vacuum their hardwood floors weekly, at the very least. Vacuuming is essential for removing dirt and grime from your floors before they can contribute to wear and tear. Large families and pet owners should vacuum and sweep more often. Be sure that your vacuum cleaner is safe for hardwood floors; hard plastic vacuum attachments can cause damage if mishandled.

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