Laminate Flooring in Houston, TX
Laminate from Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX delivers an affordable and family-friendly flooring option for your home. Our modern generation of laminate flooring choices offers great durability, and the real look of wood or stone, all at a low cost to you. Read on for three reasons why laminate flooring is right for you and your family.

Endless Options

Laminate is a flooring chameleon that can be made to look like a variety of hardwood and stone options, offering nearly endless design possibilities to the homeowner. Laminate flooring is a material made from high-density wood or fiber particles that have been finished with a hard veneer of laminate.

Laminate flooring is engineered from natural materials in a process that enables a huge variety of finishes for the homeowner to choose from. With laminate, you get complete control over the style and color of your floor, without the high cost and finicky upkeep of hardwood or stone.

Easy Installation

Laminate flooring is also a snap to install, which lowers the overall cost of your flooring project. You’ll pay less to have it installed by a professional, or pay nothing at all when you install it yourself. It’s really that easy, as long as you have some time and a little home improvement know-how.

In most cases, laminate flooring can be installed on top of your existing floor. Carpet will have to be removed before the laminate can be laid. There are some manufacturers who offer a glue-free installment option for laminate flooring, which uses a tongue-and groove design. These puzzle piece planks are perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner and they will not damage any original flooring underneath your brand-new laminate.

Family Friendly

Laminate flooring is great for families because it’s basically kid-proof (and pet-proof). Your laminate flooring will be durable without being overly hard. Better still, it’s incredibly easy to clean. Laminate flooring is great for high-traffic areas where spills are all but guaranteed: from tumbling tots to splashed coffee. With laminate, all you need to fix a crisis will be a kiss, a hug, and a damp mop!

Keeping the long-term wellbeing of your family in mind, laminate flooring will also add resale value to your property. Although laminate is a budget-friendly option it looks great and homebuyers tend to prefer laminate to other alternatives, especially carpet.

Your Local Flooring Experts

At Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX, we work with families in the Spring Branch, Spring Valley, Jersey Village area to meet their flooring needs. We provide expertise in every step of the floor buying process, from design to installation. Call today for a free consultation.

Photo by Pavel L.