carpet in spring branch, txThe large common rooms in a home or office often get a lot of foot traffic, and the carpet needs to hold up to a great deal of wear and tear while staying clean and stylish. Following are some tips on how to choose the right type of carpet for a business, living room, entertainment space, or other large area in the home or office from your team at Floor Coverings International Spring Branch.

Consider Practicalities

Looks are important but so are practical issues such as carpet maintenance and cleaning. Carpet tiles are often a good choice for large spaces that get a lot of foot traffic. One or more tiles can easily be replaced in the event of damage or staining. The carpet fiber is also an important consideration. Nylon carpets are particularly popular because they tend to resist stains. A low-cost synthetic fiber is also a good, durable choice for offices. Finally the carpet style can make a big different. Frieze carpet is a comfortable choice for homes. It provides a soft, casual surface that easily hides dirt and debris. Berber carpet is also a good option for homes or commercial spaces.

Color Options

Dark colored carpets are often appropriate for large rooms. They can conceal dirt, making them an ideal option for homeowners that have pets or children. However, a large area that does not get enough natural light may need a light colored carpet to help it feel spacious and airy.

Spring Branch home or business owners who opt for carpet tile will find that it is possible to mix and match different types of carpet tiles to create a unique pattern. This pattern can be relaxing, vibrant, eye catching, subdued, contemporary, or old-fashioned depending on the style of décor in the room. A patterned carpet can also be a showpiece in the room if it doesn’t detract or clash with other furnishings.


Cost is yet another important factor when choosing a carpet, especially for a large room. Selecting a carpet that is well made is important for the longevity of the floor covering at home. However, a lower cost option may be more appropriate for offices or public spaces that get a lot of foot traffic and need new carpet more frequently.

Choosing the right carpet is an important aspect of decorating a large area. Consider the style of décor and ambiance you want the room to have and make sure the carpet color, fiber and style is right for the space. Taking both practical and aesthetic considerations into account will help you create a large room that is a pleasant and long wearing. Contact our team at Floor Coverings International Spring Branch to learn more. We will come to you with our mobile showroom so you can browse carpet samples in the comfort of your own home or office.

Photo by Artazum