When you think of tile patterns you may imagine an ornate design in a French villa or a Spanish colonial home, but even simplistic modern designs incorporate patterns in their tile. In fact, tile patterns can be as ornate or as simple as you need them to be. They are a great way to enhance your design, but care should be taken to select an appropriate pattern, which fits with the space rather than distracts. Read on to learn about six basic tile patterns to use in your Spring Branch, Spring Valley, or Jersey Village home.

straight tile pattern in Spring BranchStraight

Straight is the simplest tile pattern, and it is suitable for a number of uses. To create this pattern all tile pieces are placed in line with one another. This pattern is also called the grid pattern when used with square tiles in a backsplash design.

staggered brickwork pattern in Spring Branch homeStaggered Brickwork

This pattern follows the same layout as stacking bricks, with each successive layer shifting by half the length of the tiles. This is the most common layout for subway tile designs.

diamond tile pattern in a Spring Branch homeDiamond

This pattern has the same layout as the straight tile pattern, except the tiles are rotated 45°. The diamond pattern is popular for backsplashes, but can also be used in floor tiles to make a small room appear larger.

herringbone tile pattern in Spring Branch homeHerringbone

Due to its resemblance to the skeletal structure of fish, this tile pattern was aptly named herringbone. To make the herringbone pattern, rectangular tiles are placed perpendicular to each other in an L-shaped pattern. This pattern is used in designs to point towards the centerpiece of a room or direct the way in a path.

basketweave tile pattern in Spring Branch homeBasketweave

The basketweave pattern consists of two rectangular tiles, which are placed together to form a square. The next two rectangular tiles are placed together and rotated by 90°. Thus each adjacent pair of tiles sits perpendicular to the previous pair, mimicking the look of a woven design.

windmill tile pattern in Spring Branch homeWindmill

While the windmill pattern is still a fairly basic design, it requires two different types of tiles to make it. Four rectangular tiles encircle a center square tile. This creates a design resembling an old-fashioned windmill with four blades.

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