tile flooring Spring BranchOne of the things we love most about the world of interior design is how creative people get when it comes to doing something simple. Sure, you could approach the design of your bathroom, furniture, or floors the same way everyone else does—but then you end up with a cookie-cutter living space that does nothing to reflect who you are.

With a little inspiration and some help from an expert installation team (that’s where we come in), it’s possible to create a unique, vibrant living space. And there’s no type of flooring that affords more flexibility, durability, and creative thinking for Spring Branch homeowners than tile. Read on for some creative ideas about what to do with your tile flooring, from the experts at Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX. And don’t forget that you can mix, match, and combine these ideas for a look that’s completely unique to you!

Hexagonal Tiles

This one is pretty straightforward: instead of using traditional squares or rectangles, the manufacturer will cut your tiles into hexagonal shapes which tessellate together for a pleasing effect that’s reminiscent of subway tile, with a contemporary flair. If you’re worried about it looking like a beehive, just avoid yellows. Or go for it. Beehives are pretty cool.

Wood-Look Tile and Parquet

Parquetry is the practice of using wood planks to create geometric shapes, which range from simple (like the classic herringbone or chevron) to extraordinarily ornate and complex. But whatever the level of complexity, the effect is a dynamic, spatially intriguing look for your floors. This method works especially well with wood-look tile and slate.

Varying Tile Sizes

Instead of choosing a uniform size and shape, vary the size and/or shape of your tiles to create patterning that ranges from subtle and sophisticated, to artsy and playful.

Mosaicmosaic tile flooring bathroom Spring Branch

A simple and classic way of achieving a unique tile look, mosaics use small pieces of glass, stone, or ceramic to create intricate patterns, scenes and figures. If you have the time and the budget, you can realize just about any idea through mosaic tiling.

Knits, Weaves, Stitches, and Staggers

Our final category is simple, refined, and can look very contemporary. As the names would suggest, knits, weaves, and stitches play with vertical and horizontal alignment, alternating tile positions to create a textile-effect. On the other hand, staggered tiles resemble classic subway tiling, which looks great in kitchens and bathrooms.

Learn More or Start Your Next Projecttile flooring Spring Branch

If you want to learn more about trends in tile flooring, or if you think you might want to talk to an expert in person, we recommend scheduling a free, in-home consultation with the Floor Coverings International Spring Branch Houston, TX mobile showroom. Our team proudly serves Spring Branch, Spring Valley, Jersey Village and surrounding areas, so contact us today to get started!

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